Ayurvedic consultations

An Ayurvedic consultation gives you the opportunity to review your current lifestyle and make changes where necessary.

A holistic health program with Ayurveda is ideal for you if:

Practical information

During your first consultation we will discuss your background, current state of health and goals you would like to achieve. I perform a pulse diagnose and tongue diagnose. Over the course of the next days I will prepare a program for you that contains:

  • a purification diet according to the season
  • a list of on recommended and non-recommended foods
  • guidelines for a daily and seasonal routine
  • treatment plan if applicable; all treatments are adjusted to your needs, possible diseases, symptoms, the life phase you are currently in and the season we are in.
  • recommended classes for yoga asana, pranayama and breathwork in general
  • advise on ayurvedic supplements
  • shopping list for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • checklists to track your progress on your ayurvedic routines
  • list of recommended books to help you on your journey


If you agree with the treatment plan, we will meet over a period of several weeks for follow-up consultations and/or treatments, where we continuously monitor your progress.

A quick overview of the steps

1. Introduction and background

Conversation on your background, current diet, digestion, physical activity, sleeping patterns, habits and goals you wish to achieve.

2. Physical exploration

This includes checking your eyes, tongue, skin, nails, hair and abdomen. Your pulse is taken to determine your constitution.

3. Constitution and imbalance

An analysis of your Ayurvedic constitution and causes of imbalance will be made from all the information collected during the intake.

4. Personalized program

Your own plan contains advice on diet, yoga, treatments and daily and seasonal routines including an estimated timeline to achieve goals.

5. Working towards goals

I guide you on your journey to achieve your goals. We will monitor your progress and adjust your program if necessary.

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