Coverage health insurance

Coverage of Ayurveda by health insurance

Coverage health insurance

At Ginger & Yoga, your treatments and consultations are eligible for coverage by health insurance companies through the complementary insurance policy.

Ginger & Yoga is a member of the association of professionals LVNT and the organisation RBCZ (Register of Healthcare Professionals in Complementary Medicine). Therefore, most consultations and treatments are covered completely or partially through your health insurance. The amount covered is usually between ¢40 and €75 per day. It depends on your policy whether Ayurveda is covered.

Click here to check whether your health insurance company covered Ayurvedic treatments and consultations, or contact them directly.

Note: insurance companies only cover medical treatments that take place after an intake. You are more than welcome to book a relaxing massage or detox program, but please be aware that wellness is not covered. Yoga and Reiki are excluded from health insurance.

Ginger & Yoga practice info:

  • Membership number LVNT: B21.012
  • Registration number RBCZ: 220242R
  • AGB-code practice: 90070941
  • AGB-code healthcare professional: 90112243
  • Number CoC: 75096358
Ginger & Yoga is a member of LVNT (Landelijke Vereniging Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten)
Ginger & Yoga is a member of RBCZ (Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg)