I am aware of the fact that you have faith in my products and services. I therefore see it as my responsibility to protect your privacy according to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, AVG in Dutch).

On this page I let you know what information I may collect when you visit my practice, attend my events and use my website, why I collect this information and how I use it to improve your user experience. I hope to offer you optimum transparency about my working method and to meet your privacy rights.

This privacy policy applies to all my products and services. You should be aware that I am not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites and sources.

I respect the privacy of all users of my services and I always handle in ways that assure the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. Through this statement I let you know what information I collect when you use my services, including my website, my social media channels and my contact form, why I collect this information and how I serve you with it.

I process personal data for the following purposes:

  • To process your registration, reservation and/or payment after you have purchased a product or service;
  • To create a customer file in order to keep the information you provide me with on one place;
  • To be able to contact you if this is necessary to perform the service that you have contracted;
  • To deliver goods and services that you have purchased;
  • To inform you about (changes to) my services and products that you have previously purchased. You can always unsubscribe from this via a link in the relevant e-mail;
  • To send newsletters and mailings for which you have registered;
  • To determine, in the case of participation in a lesson, workshop, event or training, whether participation in this “service” will not cause unforeseen and undesired problems;
  • To tailor my range of products and services based on your surfing behavior. I only do this with your permission (see cookies). The data collected through your surfing behavior is anonymous.

I process your personal data because you use my services and/or because you provide this data to me yourself. Below you will find an overview of the personal data that I may process, depending on the product or service you purchase, and the purpose for which I collect this data.

  • First and last name: Communication purposes;
  • Gender: Communication purposes, Marketing purposes, customer profile.
  • Date of birth: Customer profile, marketing purposes

I do not intend to collect data from website visitors under the age of 16. However, it is not possible to check the age of visitors. If I inadvertently have information about your child, please contact to have this information removed.

  • Address details: communication purposes;
  • Telephone number: communication purposes;
  • Email address: Communication purposes;
  • Location data: Communication purposes;
  • Information about your activities on my websites and my e-mail system: Communication purposes, customer profile, marketing purposes;
  • Information about your activities when participating in my online courses: customer profile, communication purposes, marketing purposes;
  • Other personal data that you actively provide by registering for a workshop, event or during a consultation or treatment, in correspondence and by telephone, that are relevant to provide you with my service. Examples of this is information about your medical background, use of medication, diet or allergies. This makes it possible for me to help and support you in the best way possible while participating in my activities or contracting one of my services. Specific information on how your medical information is processed will be presented to you during your first appointment through a consent form / treating agreement (‘behandelovereenkomst’ in Dutch), which will have to be agreed upon by yourself as a client, and signed by both you and myself as your therapist/wellness coach. This consent form / treating agreement is compliant with the guidelines created by ANVAG, the professional association that I am registered with.

Due to the fact that I am also bound by legal and administrative obligations, I will need to collect certain information for accounting and tax declarations.

E-mail communication

If you purchase a product or service from me, you agree to receive my recurring newsletter. You can also register for the newsletter through the website. The personal data that I register for my newsletter subscriptions are the first name and e-mail address. This information is stored in Mailerlite. When you purchase a product or service from me or subscribe to my newsletter, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this privacy statement. Every e-mail that you receive from me from Mailerlite contains a link that you can use to unsubscribe from if you wish.

My e-mail system (Mailerlite, Gmail) gives me access to the e-mail lists to which my customers have subscribed, which e-mails they have received from me, which e-mails have been opened, which parts of the newsletter have been clicked and the corresponding dates and times. In addition, Mailerlite automatically keeps track of the user’s country and region. With this information I can determine whether the e-mails you receive are of interest to you, and if necessary better attune to your wishes so that you do not receive unwanted e-mails from me.

When you are a member of my newsletter I will send you emails with content updates and information about new products, services and events on a regular basis. In the case of a payment, I have insight into the payment details of my customers. For example, if you approach me with a question via e-mail, I will keep the data / correspondence provided by you for as long as necessary to answer your question and for my own administration, to make sure I follow-up in the business process designed to attend to your needs.

Payment details

Payment data of my customers consists of the name of the customer, (optional) address data, the purchase date, payment method and order or invoice number. I process this data through my banking environment and online account system (Moneybird). This is always done via a secure https connection. You can see this on the address bar “https” and the padlock.

I base the processing of payment data on one of the six GDPR (AVG) principles called “Necessary for the execution of an agreement”. These payment details are necessary for my accounting and tax returns.

Sharing personal data with third parties

I do not sell your data to third parties. I do, however, provide data to external parties if necessary for the delivery of products or services and to comply with legal obligations.


A number of links to other websites of organizations can be found on my websites. I cannot bear any responsibility with regard to the use of your data by those organizations. Hereby it is recommended to read the Privacy Statement of the website in question.

Usage of apps and external platforms

For certain services I provide I use Zoom or Skype. I also offer the possibility to stay in contact with each other via WhatsApp. For example, for a follow-up conversation regarding an intake, follow-up consultation or wellness plan sent by e-mail previously and that my customers may have questions about.

By purchasing or participating in this service or additional service that I facilitate, offer or allow, you agree to use the services of these third parties. I have no access to the data that these parties collect, nor do I have any influence on it. If you would like to know how they handle data, please read the privacy policy of Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp.

Image and sound recordings and distribution

I create or make images (photo/video) and/or sound recordings during certain events, workshops and courses. This will be stated in the product/service description as it is offered on my website, or (in the case of studio rental) on my partner’s website. At the beginning of the course or workshop, the method of distribution will be announced. By participating, you by default agree to the recording and distribution of the image and sound materials. If desired, you may express your wish to not appear in recordings and take place in an area where no recordings are made, and/or not actively participate in, for example, a conversation.

When you register and participate in a workshop or course, you automatically agree that I may use the photo or recording for educational, communication and marketing purposes. With this you accept Ginger & Yoga and possible partners are free from liability for damage as a result of the recording or the use of the recorded materials. Please note that you cannot claim a monetary reimbursement (or reimbursement otherwise) based on, for example, portrait rights or the use of personal data.

Cookies and profiling

This website uses its own and third-party cookies to offer users a better experience and service. By browsing or using our services the user accepts the use we make of cookies. However, the user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies and the elimination of cookies by selecting the corresponding option in his or her browser. In case of blocking the use of cookies in your browser it is possible that some services or functionalities of the website are not available.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of text that websites send to the browser and are stored in the user’s terminal, which can be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, and so on. These files allow the website to remember information about your visit, such as the language and preferred options, which may facilitate your next visit and make the site more useful in personalizing your content. Cookies play a very important role, by improving the experience of using the web.

How are cookies used?
By browsing this website the user is accepting that cookies can be installed in his or her terminal and that allow us to know the following information:

  • Statistical information of the use of the web.
  • The preferred web format for access from mobile devices.
  • The latest searches performed on the web services and personalization data of these services.

Types of cookies used

This website uses temporary cookies that store data only while the user accesses the site we, in front of the permanent cookies that store the data in the terminal to be accessed and used in more than one session. Depending on the purpose for which data obtained through cookies is processed, the website may use the cookies as listed below.

Technical Cookies
They are those that allow the user to navigate through the website or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it. For example, controlling the traffic and communication of data, identifying the session, accessing the restricted access web parts, remembering the elements that make up an order, applying for registration or participation in an event, using security features during the Navigation and store contents for the broadcast of videos or sound.

Marketing or tracking cookies

Mailerlite (see also above under newsletter heading). I use Mailerlite for sending e-mails. For example, if you click on a part of the e-mail, your data will be sent to this external party. Mailerlite keeps track of which pages people visit on the website. I also work with so-called tags, for example “has participated in workshop xxx”. This makes it possible to send e-mails to a specific part of the mailing list.

Personalization Cookies

They are those that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined in his terminal or that the user himself defines. For example, the language, the type of browser through which access to the service, the content design selected, the geolocation of the terminal and the regional configuration from which the service is accessed.

Statistical analysis cookies

They are those that allow the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of users on websites. The information collected through this type of cookies is used in the measurement of the activity of the website, application or platform and for the elaboration of navigation profiles of the users of said sites, in order to introduce improvements in the service in function of the usage data that users generate. Services such as Google Analytics use analytical cookies. This way I see how visitors use the website, what popular pages are, and through which channel people end up on the website.

Third-party cookies

Some third-party cookies may be installed on some websites, which allow you to manage and improve the services offered. For example, Google Analytics statistical services.

How to manage cookies in the browser?

The user has the option to allow, block or delete cookies installed on his or her computer by configuring the browser options installed on the terminal:

To adjust cookie-related permissions in the Google Chrome browser:

Click the menu in the toolbar. Select Settings. Click Show Advanced Options. In the “Privacy” section click the Content Settings button. In the “Cookies” section you can configure the options.

To adjust cookie-related permissions in the Mozilla Firefox browser:

At the top of the Firefox window click on the Tools menu. Select Options. Select the Privacy panel. In the Firefox option you can choose Use a custom configuration for the history to configure the options. More information about Mozilla Firefox.

To adjust cookie-related permissions in the Internet Explorer browser:

At the top of the Internet Explorer window, click the Tools menu. Select the Security tab and use the Delete Browsing History option to remove cookies. Activate the Cookies box, and then click Delete. Select the Security tab and use the Settings to move the slider all the way up to block all or all cookies. More information about Internet Explorer.

Functional or technical cookies

Functional (technical) cookies ensure that the website works well on all devices and in all browsers. These cookies do not store any personal data. The cookie that stores your cookie permission also falls into this category.

Analytical cookies

Services such as Google Analytics use analytical cookies. This way I see how visitors use the website, what popular pages are, and through which channel people end up on the website. Google Analytics uses the IP addresses of website visitors for the statistics. In theory, it is possible to retrieve more information about someone based on a full IP address, even if this is not permitted.

Marketing or tracking cookies

Marketing cookies, also known as tracking cookies, track your surfing behavior so that I can offer customized content and advertisements. Mailchimp (see also above under newsletter heading). I use Mailchimp for sending e-mails. For example, if you click on a part of the e-mail, your data will be sent to this external party. Mailchimp keeps track of which pages people visit on the website. I also work with so-called tags, for example “has attended workshop x”. This makes it possible to send e-mails to a specific part of the mailing list.

Social media

The Facebook pixel keeps track of which Facebook visitors visit my pages. Based on this, it is possible, among other things, to create advertisements specifically for people who have visited a certain page. You can easily share messages from me. Social share buttons work with cookies. I have no access to the data that social media platforms collect. If you would like more information on how they handle data, please view the privacy policy of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


With up-to-date security measures I limit the chance of your data being misused, just as well as the loss of your data (data breach) and unsolicited changes. As the owner of the website, I am the only person with access to the data. This access is well protected.

This website has an SSL certificate, recognizable by the lock sign in the address bar: data you provide is sent via an encrypted connection. If you do not see this lock, please contact me at

Retention period and inspection

I do not keep your personal data for longer than necessary. If you unsubscribe from the mailing list, Mailchimp saves the deregistration to ensure that you no longer receive the newsletter. Data for which a statutory retention period applies cannot be deleted. You can send a request for access, correction, deletion, data transfer, request for withdrawal of your permission or objection to the processing of your personal data to


This privacy statement is tailored to the use of and the possibilities on my website. Any adjustments and/or changes to the website may lead to changes in this privacy statement. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement.

Questions and feedback

I regularly check whether I comply with this privacy statement. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can contact me using the details below. If you feel that your data is not properly protected or there are indications of abuse, please contact me. This also applies to questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data by me. If I cannot resolve it together, then you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority under the privacy legislation.

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