In general, most diseases are considered bad luck, thus we don’t choose to become sick. I don’t only refer to severe diseases but also to allergies or digestive problems. You will be surprised of how much control you have over your own health, more than you think. You might be dehydrated and not even know it.

Severe diseases never occur without giving signs, the body is intelligent and it will do everything to stay in balance so we can live in good conditions, it is its nature. Someone who eats high amounts of red meat and processed food daily will not suffer from heart disease all of the sudden. The person might suffer from tachycardia, chest pain or breathing problems. If one is not willing to change his or her eating habits, little improvement will show with traditional medication and surgery, it’s like mopping the floor with the sink open or putting a band-aid on a cut vein. Medication offers us time and relief from our symptoms, and surgery will prevent situations that can lead to death.

I give you this example because liquid is a very important factor in physical health (and I refer to the physical in this case because health is more than that according to my point of view). Our cells need water to transport toxins to the liver and consequently, to the intestine. If we don’t drink enough, the cells, desperate to get hydrated, will take liquid from other parts of the body, like the brain for example (this is how headaches or some cases of migraine occur). We wind up in a vicious circle and our symptoms can be constipation, the formation of bile stones in the liver and the gallbladder and the blockage of the intestine and the colon.

The parents of my paternal grandmother -born in Suriname- were from India and she was an excellent cook. Her house would always smell of oriental herbs and she would always have all kinds of exotic fruit and vegetables in the fridge. I noticedthat my granmum always had a bloated belly. She started suffering from Alzheimer and sadly she passed away in an elderly home in Amsterdam at the age of 90. I always wondered how come she became ill, living such a healthy life.

I started to investigate and found she would always use the same ingredients in her dishes, so very little variety. She barely drank water, realizing that for every cup of coffee, beer or soda (Coke, orange or tonic) you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water for your body to be able to stay hydrated. When you think coffee gives you an energy boost, it turns out your body reacts so heavily to the caffeine to eliminate it that you get this feeling for a short while. Haven’t you noticed how strong your urine smells after you drink coffee?

No one taught mu granny to drink at least 1,5-2l of water per dat. She suffered from toxin accumulation in the intestine, which in the end led to Alzheimer’s disease.

There are enough studies that point to the relation between disease and accumulated toxins (āma in sanskrit) in the intestine, the liver and the gallbladder, but obviously it is not very convenient for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry that we become aware of the need to clean ourselves on the inside and to drink water instead of canned beverages, so they reject these studies as not scientific as we are too many habitant on Earth anyway. It is the same pharmaceutical industry that sells manufactured medication for the elderly as safe in their prospect, when at they only tested it on healthy people between 20 and 35  to pass the regulations.

It’s very important we wake up and take control over our health, your body is yours and no one knows it better than you do. Start by hydrating it sufficiently. If you find it difficult to drink 1,5-2l of water a day and especially when it’s cold, bring water and ginger infusion to work or carry a small 0,5l bottle in your bag so you re-fill it during the day. Write down how much you drink and evaluate it by the end of the week, as if it were a training plan. If you work with computers and machinery you should know you need to drink a bit more, more than 2 liters.

Of course it’s better to install filters around the house so you only use clean water. But since it’s quite expensive and many of us rent our apartments, just make sure you choose the right brand, and if possible with glass bottles, with a low index of chlorine and calcium. If you need to consume from plastic bottles then choose Bezoya. Don’t leave plastic bottles out in the sun or it will start to create carcinogens (and this while we don’t know where bottles are stored when they are transported after fabrication).

By applying this simple habit you will see you will digest your food differently, the quality of your sleep will improve and you will notice it in your skin. That light you have inside of you will start to shine again, you’ll get a flatter belly and you will feel happier as you eliminate your toxins regularly.