The best salt according to Ayurveda

There are many views on salt, and I believe it has to do with our different cultures and traditions, just as well as our history and access to different types of salt depending on where you are located. Today I am going to give you the ayurvedic perspective on salt. Because, as you might know, […]

Heal your PMS with Ayurveda

Woman laying down with grapes on belly and surrounded by flowers and notebook.

I just want to start off this post by telling you that some of the most common health issues among my female clients are related to their menstrual cycles. Their complaints range from irregular cycles, painful menstruation, emotional imbalance to full-blown Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Ayurveda offers remedies and routines that deal with these health issues […]

Fruit with yoghurt? Ayurveda advises you not to do it

Cut apples and pears on wooden table

I could talk about this all day, but the most important thing regarding fruit is how you digest it, as with anything if we take into account the ayurvedic principles. As you know, according to Ayurveda most diseases find their root cause in the digestive tract. Undigested food and waste materials (feces, urine, sweat…) that […]

3 books on Ayurvedic Remedies

Female sitting on blanket with cup of coffee and book

Today I would just like to include a short post to share a couple of books with you. Books with natural remedies always come in handy at home to check what you can do in case of illnesses, small ailments or even when accidents occur around the house. I would love to get your feedback […]

Ayurveda basics: agni, your digestive fire

Ceramic dish with vegetables on fire

In ayurveda, when we evaluate someone’s health, one of the first things we do is look at the level their digestive fire. The agni represents the fire element and involves everything related to transformation. The main functions of agni are digestion, absorption and transformation of food and sensations into energy, since everything we ingest is […]

5 natural health tips for travellers

Nowadays we travel much more than we used to: we have an optimized infrastructure, flights are accessible to practically everyone compared to 50 years ago, and after the digital revolution we are more connected to each other than ever. Whether for work, study or personal reasons, we communicate with the rest of the world constantly […]

Stay healthy with homemade ghee

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is the most used substance in the preparation of ayurvedic medication and it is considered best as the preparation for Panchakarma, the purification of the body. Ghee balance Vata dosha because of its oily properties, while it also pacifies Pitta being cold and sweet. Ghee boosts the effects of […]