Yoga means union and its aim is to cease the fluctuations of the mind. Next to its sister science Ayurveda, Yoga is a powerful tool of transformation on all levels. It detoxifies, reconstructs and softens the body tissues, calming and clearing the mind.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

The style we practice at Ginger & Yoga is dynamic and with flow. We coordinate our movement with the breath: each class is a sequence that focuses on all body areas but puts emphasis to those parts where tension tends to accumulate, guiding you in your personal practice according to your needs. Closure is with chanting and individual adjustments during your rest pose, savasana.
Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga enhances our quality of life, expanding our diaphragm, purifying our nervous system and normalising our breath. It corrects our daily posture, the way we literally perceive life and it helps us respond to situation with a focused and clear mind. Regular practice increases our strength and immunity and promotes longevity. Feel free to contact me for more information about private Yoga classes.

Why not combine your wellness program with private Yoga classes to adjust to your needs?


  • Stephanie Agotborde Avatar

    I started practicing reiki with Pamela at the beginning of the year and every session... read more

    Stephanie Agotborde
    Eleonora Ruta Avatar

    She's a true professional, prepared, sweet and reassuring Woman.
    She follows you from the first to...
    read more

    Eleonora Ruta
    Liisa Rahkamaa Avatar

    I have been lucky to know Pamela for years and she has helped me with... read more

    Liisa Rahkamaa
  • Naila Tahboub Rivadulla Avatar

    Hace a penas un mes que empecé con Pamela sesiones de ayurveda y de yoga.... read more

    Naila Tahboub Rivadulla
    Iulia Richea Avatar

    I was quite super happy to find this place and especially to be able to... read more

    Iulia Richea
    Alessandra D'Arcangelo Avatar

    Amazing and regeneration lesson! Pam is a very professional and pretty teacher..she corrected me and... read more

    Alessandra D'Arcangelo
  • Marina Del Olmo Avatar

    Me encantan las clases de Yoga de Pam, el alto nivel de la sesión, su... read more

    Marina Del Olmo
    David Sanjuan Avatar

    Fui a la consulta de Ginger & Yoga para tratar mis problemas de digestión, que... read more

    David Sanjuan
    Andrea Lancellotti Avatar

    I was impressed by the level of details and quality of the treatment. Pamela cares... read more

    Andrea Lancellotti
  • Emilie Chatelas Avatar

    Muy recomendable. Fui primero a una charla informativa sobre ayurveda. Me gustó mucho el lugar... read more

    Emilie Chatelas
    Alba Oliva Lopez Avatar

    Un trato super personalizado, Pamela puede cambiar tu vida a mejor, para mi un gran descubrimiento.

    Alba Oliva Lopez
    Daniela Ruse Andrei Avatar

    Introduction to #Ayurveda workshop offers really great inside into the Ayurveda practices 🙂
    This is...
    read more

    Daniela Ruse Andrei


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