Good or bad, fat or skinny, a lot of little, high or low, black or white… We consider it is normal and above all natural to compare between objects, people and situations. But judgement is something society taught us, starting by distinguishing between rich and poor, better or worse, abundance as the opposite of lack of something…

I dedicate a post to this topic because I consider it important as part of our emotional health. All you need to do is to open a magazine switch on the TV to see what is considered positive or ‘cool’ nowadays. People who are sensitive to these messages Β may feel hurt if they feel they don’t fit in. Even in our daily life, like at work for instance, we are evaluated according to the quality of our work and performance; at schools and universities we are given grades to observe our level of intelligence or to measure our efforts.

What’s really important is acceptance. To live in peace and harmony with others, we need to accept other individuals as they are. The way someone else is or looks like doesn’t influence or impact our lives, it is not up to us to decideΒ what’s right for them. If one chooses to eat meat while someone else has decided to become a vegan, the vegan has to accept the other person wants to eat meat, as it should be the other way around, we all have our reasons forΒ making the choices we made. Once we stop worrying about what others do we will find that interior tranquility we many times try to find by doing other activities like sports and yogasana, or through meditation. There is do doubt these are methods to help ourselves grow internally but the biggest changes occur when we pay attention to small details in our everyday lives. That’s why I insist Yoga should not only be practiced on the mat, it should be practiced everywhere, while shopping, when visiting friends, when confronting yourself in difficult situations, when entering in conflict…

Light cannot exist without darkness. We would never be able to enjoy sunlight without the shade. And what would be of the mountains if it weren’t for the plain lands? If we all live and let live, we will be able to raise the universal energy vibrations not only in Gaia, Mother Earth, but in all living things, plants, stones, animales and human beings, so we can all live in harmony. It is with these small details that over the years we will get to bring down the percentages of crime and violence, poverty and the number of natural disasters. Living in duality and contaminating the world, wasting all natural resources, will create confusion in Gaia. Natural disasters are the attempt of Earth to cleanse itself to become balanced again. It is the same as when we are ill, suffering from symptoms like fever or vomiting. That is how Gaia does her detox, by avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

Let’s take the first step towards acceptance, having faith, ending violence without fighting it with more violence but by healing it with love, dedication and understanding.



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